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Quelques notes sur samba sous debian.

Exécution des fichiers

Wiki Samba

With Samba 3.6 and older, the execution right in the ACL was not checked. So a user could execute a file, even if he/she did not have execute rights on it. In Samba 4 and later, this has been fixed, so that by default, execution is denied, when the file doesn't have the x-bit set!

In some situations, like when upgrading from an older Samba version, your files may haven't the x-Bit set, due to a previous configuration. A workaround, to make *.exe, *.bat, etc. files executable again, is to set

acl allow execute always = True

in your smb.conf (per share or globally). But rate this as a workaround! You should fix the permissions and add the x-bit for user/group/other, when the file should be executed.