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samedi 10 mars 2018

Installation tt-rss sur Debian Stretch

Quelques notes très fortement inspirées du lien officiel.

Préparer le serveur web

Configuer apache ou nginx pour pointer sur le bon dossier.

Préparer la base de donnée

Créer la base de donnée qui hébergera les données de Tiny Tiny RSS

Installer Tiny Tiny RSS

Depuis git :

git clone tt-rss
chown -R www-data: ttrss

Ouvrir l'url de tt-rss puis suivre l'assistant d'installation.

Service ttrss-update (daemon)

Pour systemd :

dans /etc/systemd/system/ttrss-update.service

Description=Tiny Tiny RSS update daemon mysql.service postgresql.service



Activation au démarrage

systemctl enable ttrss-update.service
systemctl --system daemon-reload

Démarrer le service et tester

systemctl start ttrss-update.service
systemctl status ttrss-update.service

dimanche 4 octobre 2015


Quelques notes sur samba sous debian.

Exécution des fichiers

Wiki Samba

With Samba 3.6 and older, the execution right in the ACL was not checked. So a user could execute a file, even if he/she did not have execute rights on it. In Samba 4 and later, this has been fixed, so that by default, execution is denied, when the file doesn't have the x-bit set!

In some situations, like when upgrading from an older Samba version, your files may haven't the x-Bit set, due to a previous configuration. A workaround, to make *.exe, *.bat, etc. files executable again, is to set

acl allow execute always = True

in your smb.conf (per share or globally). But rate this as a workaround! You should fix the permissions and add the x-bit for user/group/other, when the file should be executed.